Release log 3.7 (10/31/2022)

    1) Skills management

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    We have released the second part of the skills management module (competency assessment) – team leader assessment and reporting. For details on how to approach and run the team leader assessment, see the article here, For more information on reporting and designing learning areas, see here.

    We will continue to work hard on the further development of this functionality! 

    2) Business trips and Home office

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    Is your employee on a business trip or home office and at the same time performing another work activity? Now they have the opportunity to recordd everything simultaneously and clearly.

    When creating a new activity, select Business trip or Homeoffice as the activity type and allow it to be recorded by the required users. When the employee then records a new Business Trip or Homeoffice activity, they will have the option to add another overlapping activity to its duration.

    Example: User Eva Bláhová goes on a business trip on 10/24/2022, and therefore tracks an activity of type Business trip with a duration of 6 hours. This trip also includes an important meeting with a client scheduled for 11:30 a.m., which she would also like to mark on the calendar. So she simply adds another activity, which will then be nested within the Business Trip activity in the calendar view (see image below).

    Snímek obrazovky 2022-10-24 v 11.22.50

    Business trip and Homeoffice activities are also reflected in the reports. Specifically, in the Overview of activities and Summary of activities report, in which you can easily filter these types of activities. At the same time, in the report you will also find documents and notes that were attached to these activities.

    You can easily download all attached files from the reports. Download

    3) Talent pool (ATS) 


    Would you like to keep in touch with someone who has already applied for a job at your company? Move them to the Talent pool! Whenever you decide that this applicant would be suitable for one of your other job offers, here you will find their contact information as well as their CV or motivation letter.

    You can find this section under Company / Recruitment / Talent pool. You may also add potential candidates here manually and give them labels for a better distinction. Details can bee seen here.

    4) Arrivals and departures manager


    In addition to the Absence Planner and Activity Planner team roles, we are now also adding the role of Arrivals and Departures Manager. The user who will be assigned to this role will be able to add and manage attendance segments for other team members.

    The Arrivals and Departures Manager can do so from the Arrivals / Departures calendar after clicking on the New segment button. Subsequently, they just select for which user they want to insert an attendance segment, with which type of departure the segment ends and choose the range of this segment, i.e. the time between the arrival and the selected type of departure. Check all User roles in the article here.

    5) Track projects for clients

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    If you work with clients on different projects (you can manage both clients and projects in the section Settings / Clients, respectively Settings / Projects), you now have the opportunity to record all related work activities from the calendar. Proceed in the same way, with the only difference that, in addition to the activity itself and its duration, choose for which client and on which project you are working.

    This functionality is only activated at your request by Support Sloneeka! If you want to try it out, write us!:)

    Snímek obrazovky 2022-10-31 v 20.13.14


    6) Other important changes 

    📍New look of the Settings section


    For greater user experience in the settings, we have come up with a solution where, after clicking on the Settings item in the left menu, you will see a page with everything that can be set in the app. Specific areas (absence module, etc.) are now more clearly divided into logical units. Here, the application will also notify you of any errors in the settings.

    Snímek obrazovky 2022-10-31 v 21.52.01


    📍Bulk deleting of documents


      • You can select multiple documents to work with or select all documents at once.
      • We have added a button to delete all marked documents.

    📍Team tree view


    We have changed the default settings for the team tree view. You now have the option to expand all the sub-teams you want to see with the plus button. In the same way, after clicking on the minus button, you can collapse them again.


    📍Sloneek DIGEST mail


    Until now, users were sent a monthly overview on the last day of the month. However, following your requests, we have changed the sending date to the first day of the month, so that the report better reflects the last working day of the past month.

    Emailing for admins and team managers remained unchanged.


    📍Add contact information for the person responsible for invoicing


    In the Billing data section, you also have the option to add the email address of the person who is responsible for invoices in your company. All invoices will then be sent to the company’s main contact email (which you can also change from this section) and the newly added address.

    7) Minor fixes

    Finally, we did not forget to fix the errors that occurred in the application. Thanks for reporting them!