Release logs (as of 8/14/2022)

    Comprehensive overview of released updates and changes as of 8/14/2022.

    v 3.3, released 5/16/2022

    • Simplification of the checklist UI, with the ability to also add tasks to an already running checklist.
    • Integration with Slack – entering time tracking, managers approving events, simple reports. More about the setup in Knowledgebase.
    • Integration with Jira Software – time tracking entry for tasks that are transferred to the user from Jira. More about the setup in Knowledgebase.

    v 3.2, released 4/30/2022

    • Redesigned, more intuitive user interface for absence approval and time tracking
    • New mobile app for Android and iOS that allows you to enter absences, attendance and time tracking, view simple user reports and allow managers to approve events for their team members.

    v 3.1, released 6. 4. 2022

    New UX of the Documents module

    • Fundamentally redesigned user interface of the documents module
    • View documents in one quick table with search and quick filtering
    • Add labels to documents
    • Inserting a document is now under a single action. In the new modal window, the user selects the type of document to be inserted.
    • Each document now has its own screen showing user details and signatures

    2) Changed document settings

    • Every signature and acknowledgement of reading a document will require a typed signature. It will no longer be possible to enable acknowledgement without a signature in the global settings.
    • Administrators, company owners and document administrators can insert documents. This setting can no longer be changed in the global settings.

    3) Other modifications

    • New design of category management and custom fields in the widget management

    v 3.0, released 3/14/2022

    New user interface design

    • The new UI enhances the clarity and usability of the application. New, colorful and distinctly different action elements better capture their purpose and essence.

    2) Redesign of the Aids module

    • New graphical interface and clearer tables in the Aids module.

    v 2.91, released 2/15/2022

    1) Monthly summary emails

    Depending on their role, users will receive a summary by email:

    • Admins: first day of the month – a summary of events that are not closed or approved and therefore may block the monthly report from being produced.
    • Managers: Every Monday – a summary of events that are pending approval.
    • All Users: Last day of the month – a summary of their absence usage, pending events, aids awaiting acknowledgement, documents awaiting acknowledgement to be read and/or signed.

    2) Timeline view in absences

    • Team absences will now default to the timeline view – that is, the entire month on one screen, where the rows are made up of users and the columns are the days of the month.

    3) Extension of filters in calendars

    • Calendars now have the ability to directly select specific events to be displayed.

    4) Minor interface changes

    • The Company tab has been moved to the main menu
    • Narrowing of the Dashboard and calendars area
    • Moved notifications to the top bar

    5) Account will be accessible even if no payment is made

    • Sometimes it happened that if a payment didn’t pass 3D Secure authentication, users couldn’t log in to the app. We are now introducing a 4 day grace period during which users can log into the app even if the payment did not go through.

    v 2.9.0, released 1/31/2022

    Notification “badge” for absenteeism approvers

    • Users with the role “manager” will now see the number of activity events and absences of their subordinates pending approval. This visual element will help managers navigate the approval process more clearly, resulting in a faster approval process.

    2) Indefinite working hours

    • Based on a frequent request from customers, it is now possible to set the duration of an employee’s working hours to indefinite.