Company dashboard for all employees

    Kudos, important company announcements or an overview of your colleagues` vacations.

    Sloneek is not only a tool for HR departments and HR managers, but first and foremost also for all employees. On the Dashboard, every user will find more than just tasks to complete:

    We go with the flow and now allow managers, admins and also users to add public kudos for selected users, entire teams, employees at work locations or with specific roles. 🙌 You can also attach text, images or gifs to kudos. Kudos are, in other words, public praise.


    Account owners and admins can also post important announcements on the company dashboard. For example, they can simply notify employees at a certain work location not to come to work tomorrow because there will be renovations. Or announce an upcoming team building. 🕺🍻 Announcements can be published for the whole company, each team or selected work locations. Notification of a new announcement will be sent to all users in their email and app.

    TIP: Also try pinning an important notification. Simply use the pin icon in the top left of the notification on your dashboard.


    Showing the birthdays of all employees in the next 7 days. There is also a button to send an immediate congratulations to the person. 🥳

    If you don’t want to show birthdays or anniversaries on the dashboard, go to Settings / Application Settings and hide these two panels. 

    Business trips and Homeoffice today

    Business trips and Homeoffice today.


    Who is not working today?
    Users who are not working today due to taking any absence are displayed. 🏖 From this widget you can also click through to the absence calendar.

    If the absence is set as visible to everyone in the company, then in the Who is not working today field you will see all ongoing absences in the company. If this option is not enabled, then all users will only see the events of the members of the team they are assigned to. Administrators, of course, see all events.

    Upcoming time-off 

    Employees who will start their holidays or other absences in the next two weeks are displayed. 🏖 From this widget you can also click through to the absence calendar.

    Here too, the display rules work with the same logic as in the Who is not working today field (see above).


    Similar to birthdays, the anniversaries of all users in the next 7 days are displayed. Thus, if an employee Petr Novak celebrates 5 years in the company, you can send him a congratulations immediately.