Mentions in events

    What are mentions and how to use them?

    You can use the @ symbol to mention another user in the app to make a comment (or just be „mentioned”) in a post you’re writing. This allows you to invite them to take action without, for example, writing an email.

    You can use mentions in all the event details (after clicking on the event in the calendar) that we record in Sloneek in the calendars (absences, attendance, scheduling).


    How to use mentions?

    Any user can let anyone (not just their manager) within the company know that their attention or activity is required as part of a comment on an event. It can be an acknowledgement, a request, a check of an attachment.

    Once a mention is made, an email notification will come to the mentioned person. He / she can then respond to the mention directly from the email by clicking through to the app.

    If you need to mention multiple colleagues, simply separate them with a space.