Entering Clock-in / out

    Entering Clock-in / out

    We call every arrival or departure in Sloneek an attendance event. These events can be recorded in three ways:

    • via the web interface, using a desktop computer or tablet.
    • via the mobile web interface, using a mobile phone
    • via a hardware terminal using contactless cards or chips

    Web interface

    The web interface can be found at https://app.sloneek.com. When using the web application, the user will see a box on their desktop with the ability to enter check-ins and check-outs.

    Mobile application

    The mobile app for iOS (Apple) and Android phones can be found under the links below.

    app-store-en google-play-en

    Attendance terminal

    Regardless of the type of terminal your company uses, you attach your card ( or chip, sticker, …) to the reader and record your Clock-in / out according to the terminal’s instructions.

    Entering the start of working hours

    By clicking on Clock-in, the user will be entered and the time worked for the day will start to be counted.

    The action menu will also change – the user can choose to Clock-out (with a selection of attendance events, i.e. adding „where they are going”), or the simplified End of Shift action – in case they are simply going home.

    Recording the Clock-out

    End of Shift does not offer any further action, if the user chooses Clock-out they will still need to select an attendance event or inform where they are leaving.

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    Please note: Absence and Clock-in / out are two separate modules. If an employee enters an absence of type At work (e.g. doctor) and you also record attendance using Clock-in / out, on the day the employee leaves for the doctor’s appointment they should „clock-out”. Similarly, when their return from the doctor, they again enter an arrival.

    As a result, there will be no discrepancies in the reports for the balance as the balance is calculated purely on the basis of hours recorded by Clock-in / out. There is no need to enter anything for absences of the Free time type.