Billing period and licence payments

    How does Sloneek calculate licence payments?

    Only ACTIVE users are charged (so they can log in to Sloneek). You don’t pay anything for inactive users, but their data is still stored in the app.

    When does your license get charged?

    After the end of the trial period (14 days), the monthly fee period starts.


    The trial period ended on 9 January. After a month, i.e. on 10 January., the card will be charged for the number of active users during the period (1/10 – 2/10).

    How is the number of active users calculated?

    Sloneek counts all users who have been activated in a given month in the monthly billing. The minimum number of user licenses is 10, regardless of whether these licenses will be used or not.

    If you add new users during a billing period, you will be prorated for those users as follows, depending on the license type:

    • Example for monthly card payments:

    Your billing period is set from 1 May to 1 June. You have 20 active users in the app, you have the Professional package and you pay EUR 120. On 10 May you decide to add 5 more active users and increase the number to 25. The change is effective immediately and at the beginning of the next billing period (1.6.) you will be charged the amount for the next period + the pro-rata amount for the 5 added users in the period just ended. This pro-rata amount is calculated for the period from 10 May when you added the users until 1 June.

    • Example for annual billing:

    Your billing period is set from 1 January to 31 December. You have agreed on a price of 6000 EUR per year for 100 active users. You decide to add another 50 users since July. Therefore, on 1 July you will be issued an additional invoice for the pro-rata amount for the 50 active users from 1 July to 31 December.

    If you need advice on how to increase or decrease the number of users, check out this article. You will also find out how the change in the number of users will be reflected in your invoices.

    What about the data transfer when moving from the trial to the paid version?

    You have nothing to worry about. All the data you upload to the app during the trial period will remain in the app even after you upgrade to the paid version. 

    When is the licence fee charged?

    Currently the card is charged automatically at the end of the billing period (i.e. on 10.2. you pay for the period from 10.1. to 10.2.).

    Please note: As of 1 June 2023, licence payments will now be deducted in advance, i.e. at the beginning of the billing period. We are thus switching to the market standard.