Absences, Arrivals and departures, Activities and Timetracking

    All about managing absences and work related activities

    How do you know which features to use in your company?

    Simply follow what you see in the left menu under the Calendars tab. You will always see the overall overview and Absences. You will only see Arrivals / Departures and Time-tracking if your company has these functionalities enabled.

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    We will look at Absences, entering Arrivals and Departures and basic Time tracking controls. We’ve prepared a FAQ to help you. Click through to get detailed instructions.

    If you prefer video, you can check it out youtube-logo-hd-8 here.

    Everything important then takes place on your Desktop. From here, you can track company announcements, enter new absences, activities or arrivals and departures, post and receive public kudos, or just see which of your colleagues won’t be at work. At the same time, Sloneek will always notify you here if you are expected to take an action – such as signing a document or confirming the receipt or handover of an asset.



    Absences and working hours

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 Entering an absence event

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 Display of user absence (dashboard, calendars)

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 Where can I find my absence balances?

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 How to delete the absence dials?


    Frequently asked questions

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 I don’t see an absence entered on the calendar

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 How to edit the absence event?

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 Cannot enter the absence event

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 Can I plan my absences for the next year?


    Arrivals and departures

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 Entering arrival and departure

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 Displaying the user’s arrivals and departures (employee / contractor)

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 Monthly email summary for the User role



    Time-tracking and activities

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 Entering time tracking activity and Edit of an activity aktivity

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 View users activities

    toppng.com-red-question-mark-png-402x597 Reports of time tracked activities


    Remember, we are here for you at any time. So if you’re stuck, try our AI assistant ✨, which you can find under the help icon in the bottom right corner. If even that doesn’t help, you can always contact live support.