Absence balances are off when working hours change

    Important note for reporting absence balances for users who have experienced a change in working hours.

    If you want to set new working hours, it is recommended to end the existing working hours and set new ones accordingly

    If the working hours are changed retrospectively (e.g. you want to set new working hours for someone, but you do not terminate the current one and instead delete it and create a new one with an effective date that starts in the past), this affects the calculated absence balance.

    Absence balances are calculated at the time the report is created, so changing the working hours retrospectively will cause the absence balances from already drawn absence events to change, which is undesirable in most cases! 

    The second reason for this recommendation is to maintain an orderly history of changes in contractual relationships with each user.

    If you are unsure, contact our support team and we will be happy to explain everything to you.