Release log 3.6 (10/3/2022)

    Skills management is finally here! Take a look at what it has to offer so far and read about other important changes.

    1) Skills management

    Kreslicí plátno 2_1admin-EN

    The long-awaited feature of the simplified assessment of skills (competencies) is released in its first part. You may now prepare your own skill sets for the following evaluation of employees that will be assigned and displayed in their user folder. 

    The second part (distinction between key and additional compentecies + evaluation of competences by the team leader) will be published at the beginning of November. This is just enough time to prepare the models and prepare the assessment itself. If you want to know more details, contact the happiness team through the chat in the application.

    2) Managers can display more info about their team members

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    Based on your requests, we have given managers the ability to view their team members’ user cards. We have also enabled ordinary users to display at least some information about their colleagues.

    How does it work?

    In Company / Colleagues, you can now click on any user and display information from his profile depending on the role you have in Sloneek:


    Nothing has really changed here. Every user can see their colleagues in a simple overview. After clicking on any name, the user will get this information about their colleague: 

    • Basic information (photo, name, surname, email)
    • Work data (work phone number, landline number, work location, public description of the user


    Each manager can see all their colleagues in this overview, just like a regular user. In addition to the basic user data, the manager has the option of viewing:

    • Work data: (custom user fields)
      • Conditions and salary (Working hours / type, basic information about the salary)
      • Overview of absences (balances for each type of absence, upcoming absences + calendar view)
      • Overview of activities (all actitivies of all team members)
      • Assets (List of assets)


    3) Adding files and notes to activities

    user team_manager admin-EN

    We have added the option to upload files to activities and add notes, which will also be displayed in the Activity Report. Files can be downloaded directly from the report. Thanks to this, it is already possible to use the Activities module, for instance, to collect documents for invoicing a business trip. In the near future, we will expand and improve the tools for recording and reporting business trips and home office.


    4)  New button for exporting reports


    After a growing number of questions about how to export reports, we have added a visible Export button to the reports page. Everything else remains preserved.


    5) Bulk archiving and downloading of documents


    Easier and faster handling of a large number of documents, whether it is archiving documents or downloading them.

      • We have added a checkbox for each document so you can simultaneously select multiple documents to work with.
      • You can also select all documents at once.
      • We have added a button to download all marked documents (this is useful, for example, when an employee leaves the company and you want to provide them with all the necessary documentation).

    6) Other important changes

    user team_manager admin-EN


    📍 Changes in the user tab

    • We have added a monthly overview of all activities to the upper right corner of the right section.
    • Upcoming absences are now ranked first.
    • We have added a pop-up window to confirm the changes made in the user card to prevent the situation when administrator edits information in one tab (e.g. Conditions and salary), then goes to another tab without saving it (e.g. Documents) and thus loses all the changes.
    • Completion of the user status
    • We are clarifying the indication of the user’s status. We have made a new distinction between the application state and the state of the life cycle phase (journey) of the user/employee.
      • Application state – the user is active / inactive in the sense of being able to access the Sloneek application
      • Phase of the employment / collaboration cycle (journey) – In the user card / Conditions and salary, you may now select from the following phases: Preboarding, Onboarding, Performance, Reboarding, Offboarding a Alumni. You can read the detailed description here

    📍Modified naming

    We have modified and shortened the naming of some sections in the new menu, but everything has remained in place. Perhaps the biggest change is:

    Attendance – now the module is called more unambiguously Arrivals and Departures.


    📍Editing a created activity

    Administrators can now edit activities without comprises, including changing the specified activity.


    📍Contact Support changes:

    All links to „Contact Support” first go to this Knowledgebase. If you cannot find the answers here, you have the opportunity to connect with a person from the support team.


    📍Option to upload in other formats in Checklists

    We have heard your requests and in addition to PDF format, you can now also upload files in XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX.


    📍 Only the user who approved the absence is now shown in the absence report

    Previously, all users who could approve the absence were displayed here, now only the user who actually approved the absence will be displayed here.


    📍Changes to the attendance terminals

    We have added a visible Login button to the terminal screen. At the same time, we enlarged the numeric keypad on the tablet for more convenient number entry. The last change touched the alignment – now all content is centered.


    📍New displaying of activities in the calendar

    • Calendar activities now only show the activity name and time
    • After hovering the mouse over any of the activities in the calendar, the detail of the activity will then be displayed


    7) Minor fixes

    Finally, we did not forget to fix the errors that occurred in the application. Thanks for reporting them!