How do I change the settings for an absence that has already been created?

    You can only partially edit an absence event with a fund once it has been created. In Settings / Absences, after clicking the desired absence, only the following items are editable:

    • name
    • note
    • whether the unused units are being transferred to the new year
    • event timeout for drawing
    • colour

    You cannot edit ❌:

    • absence typ
    • time unit of drawing
    • annual fund
    • health reasons

    Solution: if you have created an absence for vacations with an annual fund of 25 days and you would like to change this fund to 20 days for all users, you must create a new absence and deactivate the original one. The reason for this is to prevent unwanted changes to the data, which could be discarded after editing. 

    ATTENTION: Do not delete an unused absence completely, as this could also cause irreversible distortion of the data in the reports.

    If you just want to change the size of the absence fund, an alternative solution is to enter the desired size of the absence fund in the Individual Fund column in Settings / Bulk Absence Settings.